About Chris

When I began learning guitar, I also began with the understanding that I had to be self-sufficient and inventive. As a left handed guitar player, I taught myself how to customize instruments to meet my needs. This was the foundation of what would spark my passion for a career in Lutherie. It began with pawn shop guitars, deconstructing their bodies and experimenting with parts and sounds. As a young teen, in Charlotte NC,  I acquired my first written instructions from fundamental guitar building books I borrowed from a neighborhood guitar craftsman. In High School, I built my first guitar for a class project. My endeavor was successful and rewarding despite the limited equipment and space in my parent’s garage. It was after the completion of my first guitar that I knew guitar making was not just a hobby, but will be my lifelong passion and pursuit. After high school I moved to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. I wanted to submerge myself in the environment that would continue to inspire my creativity and keep me grounded. My career life began with woodworking. In 2000 I was taken on as a custom furniture woodworker and became highly reputable for my attention to detail and unique designs. I excelled and was successful with this career, and yet continued to hone in on my guitar making proficiency, working evenings and weekends, late into the night, creating my earlier instruments.  In 2010 I resigned from the custom furniture industry and opened an independent wood shop in Sugar Grove NC. After settling into my new space, I traveled to Oregon to attend the American School of Lutherie, where I studied under master luthier Charles Fox, to fine tune my concepts, designs, and professionalism. I have been selling my hand made instruments around the Country. All of my wood comes from credible and reclaimed sources, as I respect nature and do not support deforestation, and all of my electronics and hardware are high quality and purchased from reputable companies. I love my work and I love creating. I look forward to a long and successful career and getting my instruments out to fellow music enthusiasts.